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About the Lukas store

Thank you for visiting the LUKAS dashcam store. We are happy to tell you a little bit about ourselves on this page.

Lukas has been a highly praised dashcam brand since the founding in 2006. Lukas dashcams are fabricated by Qrontech in South Korea and are represented in nearly the whole Asian continent. In Europe, dashcams have only recently been discovered by the main public and are therefore relatively new to most people. This is where we come in.

LukasDashcam, exclusive European LUKAS distributor.

More and more people are beginning to see the big advantages of having a dashcam in their car. Not only does a dashcam give you a nice feeling of having some kind of safety, it has also proven to increase the safety awareness of people driving their car.

Since 2014, we are the sole LUKAS distributor in Europe. We have made it our duty to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the safe feeling of using a LUKAS dashcam.


If you have any questions regarding our company or products, please don't hesitate to contact us at any moment.

Please drive safe!


Chris & René

Executive managers