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Qvia QR790 WD 2CH 16gb


Qvia AR790 WD 2CH 16gb

Qvia T790 WD 16gb

Quick Overview

- 1080p
- SONY CMOS sensor
- 512gb capacity
- 135˚lens
- 30fps
- Multi language voice guidance

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1CH 1080P Full HD captures every detail

The Qvia T790 WD dashcam records everything in 1080P Full HD. It films with 30fps and has a beautiful optimized 16:9 widescreen image. The high-end SONY IMX322 sensor captures details in daytime and nighttime and makes sure you won’t miss a thing!


The great Qvia T790 WD comes with a Wifi dongle included to allow a connection with your smartphone or tablet. All recording can be exchanged through the wifi, which allows for live playback and sharing the files on social media. The dedicated Qvia app for iOS and Android is available for free. Another great Wifi feature is the automatic software updates that are created when the camera is connected to your wifi at home.

5 recording types

The Qvia T790 WD can record in four different ways:

  • Regular recording: The regular recordings start when the camera is switched on. The recordings are stored on the SD card in fragments of 3 or 5 minutes. When the SD card is full, the oldest fragments are automatically deleted from the card to make room for new recordings.
  • Event recording: When an impact is detected by the built-in G-sensor, the camera switches to Event recording and indicates this with a sound. The 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the impact are stored on the MicroSD card and cannot be deleted by the camera.
  • Parking recording: When in parking mode, the camera detects movements and will store a 30-second recording on the regular SD card when a movement occurs.
  • Emergency recording: A manual emergency recording can be started with one press on the button. These 30-second recordings are safely stored on a seperate file on the SD card.
  • The Qvia T790 WD supports time-lapse parking recordings. In a time-lapse recording, a picture is taken every second. The pictures can then be watched as a high-speed recording. The big advantage of this type of recording is that it increases the recording time of the camera because the parking videos won't take up much data anymore. With the standard 32 GB card, over 15 hours of time lapse parking videos can be saved.

Supports up to 256 GB

This dashcam can be used with SD (SDHC/SDXC) cards of up to 256 GB. This is up to eight times more than other available dashcams. This way, you can save up to 60 hours of video data on a single card!

Built in GPS

Forgot where you shot a specific recording? It's absolutely no problem anymore with the T790 WD. This dashcam has a built in GPS receiver that saves all data and coordinates from every recording. All recordings, together with their unique locations, can be viewed easily using the special Qvia Viewer software.

Auto switch, security LED

The Qvia T790 WD dashcam has a smart auto-switch functionality to automatically start driving recording when the engine is started.

A fitted high-brightness security LED lets others know you are protecting your car and are filming them.


The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology on this camera allows it to adapt the recordings to the surroundings. When overexposed or underexposed, the camera adjusts the settings to ensure a correct quality of the videos.

Low-voltage Cut-off

Qvia T790 WD protects your car's battery from draining. It has a built-in adjustable low voltage cut off system that cuts the power whenever your car's battery gets below a set voltage. By default, this voltage is set to 12.1v, meaning that the camera will shut down when the car's battery comes below 12.1v.

135˚ wide angle captures everything

The high-quality lens on this Qvia has a wide view angle of 135˚. This assures that every detail surround the camera gets captures while making sure there is no loss of quality or distortion on the side of the image

Extensive Windows and Mac

Qvia is supported by the highly adjustable Qvia Viewer for Windows and Mac. Many settings can be changed here in order to make the Qvia experience meet your personal requirements. Video quality, LED settings, GPS and time-zone, parking mode sensitivity and audio settings are all adjustable, together with a hole range of other settings.

iOS and Android app

The easy to use Qvia app is available for Android and iOS devices. Trough this app, all stored video's can be viewed. The app also offers a live view option and allows for many settings to be changed. It also allows you to manually put the latest firmware on the camera.

Technical specs

EAN 8809359725648
Type 1CH (front camera)
Camera SONY IMX322
CPU Texas Instruments
Wide view angle 135˚
Video resolution 1080p
Recording speed 30fps
Sensitivity 1 Lux
Voice guidance Multi language
Video compression H.264 (AVI format)
G-sensor Built-in
GPS Built-in
Loop recording Yes
Storage (GB) 16gb
Super cap battery (back-up) Yes
Power consumption (mA) 230
Low voltage cut-off Yes
LCD / Resolution No
Audio Built-in speaker / microphone
Video output No
Security LED Yes
Auto start Yes
Auto format Yes
DC Power DC 9 - 24v
Operating temp. -20˚C ~ 80˚C
Size (mm) 110*62*38
Weight 66
Brand Qvia
What's included

Qvia T790 WD
Adhesive mount
Continuous power cable
16GB Qvia SD card
English manual