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LK-350 B-type Power safety device

Quick Overview

- For using dashcam in Parking mode
- Cut-off system
- For all models

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LK-350 B-type

Fitted with a Lukas plug to supply any device with power, while car’s engine is turned off. Connected to the battery through the car’s fuse box and fitted with automatic discharge prevention.

Recording in parking mode
This LK-350 power safety device is used when you want to record in parking mode. The device has a direct connection with the battery of the car, even if the engine of your car is turned off.

Is it helpfull for me?
You can use the power safety device if you want to your dashcam to record in parking mode with the engine turned off. Most cars don’t support a power supply through the cigar socket with the engine turned off. Even if your car does, there is the danger of draining you car’s battery while recording.

Save your battery
The LK-350 power safety device has an automatic cut-off switch that turns off your dashcam when the battery is low on voltage. It therefore prevents your battery from discharging. You can safely leave your dashcam recording when you are gone.

This power safety device can be used with 12v batteries.

Voltage and Timer cut-off
The LK-350 can prevent your battery in two ways; low voltage cut-off and timer cut-off.
Use the low voltage cut-off to automatically switch off the dashcam when the battery is running low. Use the timer cut-off to switch of the device after a specific time.

Installation process
Although installing the LK-350 power safety device is quite simple and takes only a few steps, we recommend the help of a car mechanic or electrician. A few critical steps installing the wires in the fuse box are necessary and basic knowlegde of car electronics is helpfull.
An easy step for step guide can be found in the user manual that comes with the device.

Technical specs

EAN 8809359720261