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LK-570 Battery pack 6000mAh

Quick Overview

- 6000mAh capacity
- Universal installation
- 20h supply and 1h charging

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This LUKAS/Qvia LK-570 6000mAh Battery pack is ideal to supply your LUKAS or Qvia (or any other dashcam) with power without draining your car's battery and to easily use your camera in parking mode.

6000mAh capacity

This LK-570 Battery pack has a very high 6000mAh capacity, allowing it to supply power to your recording dashcam for up to 20 hours. Charging of the battery only takes 1 hour due to the high 7A input capacity.

2000 charging cycles

The LK-570 is built with only the strongest materials and components, allowing it to charge and de-charge up to 2000 times without losing too much of it's capacity. After 2000 cycles the charging capacity is still up to 80%.

Universal installation

The LK-570 Battery pack is shipped with two cables, allowing installation with every dashcam or other electronic device. The Input cable is connected to a switched fuse. This way, the battery pack is only charged when the car's power is on. The Output cable can be connected to any dashcam power cord using the three cables; continuous power (yellow B+ cable), switched power (red Acc cable) and the ground (black cable). With most DC cables, this means that also the automatic parking guard can still be used.

Including Fuse holders

The LK-570 Battery pack comes with 'add-a-fuse' holders to make installation really easy and safe. Using the add-a-fuse holders, all you have to do is to change the fuse.

Cellink Battery B

The LK-570 Battery pack is a LUKAS/Qvia variation on the very successful Cellink Battery B and built by the same manufacturer.

Technical specs

EAN 8809359725129