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LK-9390 AD 32gb

Quick Overview

- 1080p + 1080p
- 2.1M SONY IMX322
- ADAS system
- 1024gb capacity
- 135˚ + 130˚ lens
- 30 + 30 fps
- Multi language voice guidance
- 2CH Dual FHD camera
- 3.50" touchscreen LCD

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The LUKAS LK-9390 AD is one of the newest 2CH LUKAS models. This LK-9390 AD is equipped with almost every function that you can expect from a high-end LUKAS dashcam. It records with Dual 1080p resolution, has a 3.5 inch LCD Touch screen LCD en has a built-in GPS and G-sensor. The LK-9390 AD leaves the competition behind though because of it's ADAS system that supports the driver while driving the vehicle.


The ADAS system on this LUKAS LK-9390 AD is a built-in 'Advanced Driver Assistant System'. This system supports the driver on three different ways:

FCWS: 'Forward Collision Warning System'. This system gives a warning when a vehicle in front is approached at high speed, for example because of a traffic jam. When the GPS signal is good the LK-9390 AD has the current speed and can give a predictable calculation of the situation around the car.

LDWS: 'Lane Departure Warning System'. When the car is about to leave the driving lane the camera can give a signal to alert the driver.

FVSA: 'Forward Vehicle Start Alarm'. Everyone has one of these moments when you don't really pay attention while waiting in line at a traffic light- or jam. This systems warns the driver when the vehicle in front is driving away.

The ADAS system better or worse depending on the road situation. On relatively small road, the LDWS system can give a signal quite quickly.

3.5 inch touchscreen LCD screen

The LUKAS LK-9390 AD has a bright 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen with 480x272 pixels. All video's can be seen live on the screen and already recorded video's can be played back. The screen is also very usefull to change settings in the menu of the camera. With one tap on the screen you can switch between both camera's, this makes it especially useful as a rear parking camera.

5 recording types

The LUKAS LK-9390 AD can record in five different ways;

Regular recording: The regular recordings start when the camera is switched on. The recordings are stored on the SD card in fragments of 3 or 5 minutes. When the SD card is full, the oldest fragments are automatically deleted from the card to make room for new recordings.

Event recording: When an impact is detected by the built-in G-sensor, the camera switches to Event recording and indicates this with a sound. The 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the impart are stored on the MicroSD card and cannot be deleted by the camera.

Parking recording: When in parking mode, the camera detects movements and will store a 30 second recording on the regular SD card when a movement occurs.

Emergency recording: A manual emergency recording can be started with one press on the button. These 30 second recordings are safely stored on the MicroSD card.

Continuous parking recordingThis LK-9390 AD is the first LUKAS dashcam that supports time lapse parking recordings. In a time lapse recording, every second a picture is made. The pictures can then be watched as a high-speed recording. The big advantage of this type of recording is that it increases the recording time of the camera because the parking video's won't take up much data anymore. With the standard 32gb card, over 15 hours of time lapse parking video's can be saved.


The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology on this camera allows it to adapt the recordings to the surroundings. When over- or underlit the camera adjusts the quality to ensure a constat quality of the video's.

Dual Sony 2.1M Effective Pixel IMX 322 sensor

This extraordinary LK-9390 AD is fitted with two of the best Sony 2.1M IMX 322 sensors. These sensors enable front and rear crystal clear 1080p FullHD recordings. Both camera's record with 30fps (frames per second). The front camera has a 135˚ wide view lens, the rear one a 130˚ one.

1024gb capacity

The LK-9390 AD is the first camera in the world to support up to 1024gb of storage capacity. The camera has a MicroSD and regular SD slot, both for 512gb cards. The regular and parking recordings are stored on the normal SD card, where the emergency and event recordings are stored on the MicroSD card.

The LK-9390 AD comes with a 32gb SD card and 8gb MicroSD card. These cards are specially designed to be used in LUKAS dashcams and made with MLC technology.

Built-in GPS

Due to the built-in GPS in the LK-9390 AD it keeps track of all locations where recordings took place. The GPS also allows for the current speed to occur in the screen.

Automatic low voltage Cut-off

The smart built-in low voltage cut-off device in this LK-9390 AD detects when the car's battery is running low and shuts down the camera in such cases. The minimum voltage can be manually changed according to car type and season. You can safely leave this LK-9390 AD recording in your car.

Built-in super capacitor battery

The LUKAS LK-9390 AD has a built-in super capacitor battery. This battery enables the dashcam to keep recording after the power is suddenly shut down due to an accident or other situation. The critical seconds and minutes after an accident are therefore also recorded.

Technical specs

EAN 8809359725662
Type 2CH (front & rear camera)
Camera Front and rear: SONY 2.1M IMX322
Wide view angle 135˚ / 130˚
Video resolution 1080p / 1080p
Recording speed 30fps
Sensitivity 1 Lux
Voice guidance Multi language
Video compression H.264 (AVI format)
G-sensor Built-in
GPS Built-in
Loop recording Yes
Storage (GB) 40gb
Super cap battery (back-up) Yes
Power consumption (mA) 270
Low voltage cut-off Yes
LCD / Resolution 3,50" (480x272p)
Audio Built-in speaker / microphone
Video output Yes
Security LED Yes
Auto start Yes
Auto format Yes
DC Power DC 9 - 24v
Operating temp. -20˚C ~ 80˚C
Size (mm) Front: 111*99*37, Rear: 50*26*31
Weight 186
What's included